Help setting up your business, re-vamping exisiting business or simply helping with staff development, planning and sustainability.



Human Resources


Most people shudder when they are faced with a situation that deals with HR.


At JBNR we want our clients to feel at ease and confident when a situation arisies that needs the ntervention of a HR specialist.


We are profeessional and non-judegemental in our approach to dealing with situations that arise within the workplace.


We offer independent advice and solutions to your human resources needs. We work with clients from both sides of the table - we are there for the business owners and the employee.


We tailor our packages to suit all budgets and the needs of your business to ensure you are never without recourse to a specialist source when the need arises.






JBNR Personnel & Business Solutions

The Complete Solution for HR, Coaching, Business Management and Health and Safety

Combining Creativity with Corporate Success



In a crowded market we stand out as a high quality, tailored solution to your human resources, personnal and development and health and safety requirements.


We don't belive that everything in this industry is black and white, therefore, we bespoke our services to your needs.


We offer a package to suit YOUR business.











We provide regular and ad hoc


consultancy services for SMEs and







We work with individuals and companies to enable them to fulfil personal and professional goals.


Health & Safety



Every business, whether small start-up or a major corporate player has a legal responsibility for health and safety.


At JBNR we take this seriously and work with our clients to provide a common-sense approach to ensuring their business is compliant 365 days a year.


Whether it's an annual "check up" or a complete review we will work with you to ensure you and your staff are fully versed in roles and responsibilities to keep your business safe.


Every month we produce a newsletter so look out for Bish, Bash, Boosh Corner for our health and safety updates.


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