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At JBNR we are a combination of experience and creativity.


Busness owner Jo has worked extensively in HR, health & safety and as an experienced administrator and business manager in both the public and private sector for the past thirty years.


We are adept at tailoring our solutions to the industry and needs of the client.


Having been a sole trader and part of an extensive HR department Jo has the experience and knowledge to lead JBNR into the future.



Born of over 20 years of human resources experience JBNR wanted to offer a completely independent service to a variety of clients.


We have a NEBOSH qualified health & safety expert with a passion for a common-sense approach to health and safety in today's "jobsworth" culture.


We are passionate about working with sole traders, small and medium sized businesses who do not always need or want a full-time HR department or resident health and safety personnel.


We work with clients from diverse backgrounds such as hairdressing salons to estate agents, day care nurseries to the local village shop.


We love people and want everyone to enjoy their working environment and feel secure and protected at all times.


We value personal development and believe that a business is only as good as the staff it employs.



A comment made back in 1996 was red rag to a bull when someone told Jo not to apply for a Personnel Officer role in the NHS as she "had no experience" despite the fact the current postholder had also come from a non- HR background.


Fast forward to 2017 when JBNR was forged when a former Personnel Executive and Health & Safety Expert, who had worked in numerous industries, noted that even in this day and age that there was a need for good independent specalists in many small and medum sized business.



To eliminate bad practice in all businesses.


To protect and develop staff and ensure that a business continues to develop and grow and retain good personnel.


We firmly belive that a business is only as good as the people it employs.



A major change is coming in the way companies can use personal data.


In May 2018 the Data Protection Act will change. Are you ready? will your business be compliant?





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